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The chassis has some scratches and wear from normal use.



The chassis has significant scratches and wear from heavy use. Dents may also occur.

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The chassis has cracks or there are parts missing. Some features and functions may also be defective.

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Error code Error code explanation
AM Acid Theft Mark
BD Battery Defect
BM Battery Missing
BPWD BIOS Password
CD Cracked Display (= defect)
CM Cover Missing
D Dead
DCa Damaged Chassis grade A
DCb Damaged Chassis grade B
DCc Damaged Chassis grade C
DLL Defect Lid Lock
DM Display Malfunction
DWC Damaged WebCam
EM Ethernet Malfunction
FE Fan Error
FK Foreign Keyboard
H Home version (OS licence)
HDM Hard Drive Missing
HDMA Hard Drive Malfunction
HRI Heat Related Issue
IM Information Missing
KM Keyboard Malfunction
KW Keyboard Wear
LD Liquid Damage
MB Monitor Grade B
MBMA Mainboard Malfunction
OOM On/off button Malfunction
RA RAM Added
RM RAM Missing
TM Track Point Missing
TPAM Track Pad Malfunction
TPAW Track Pad Wear
TPOM Track Point Malfunction


Mobile phones and tablets

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Cosmetic Grade A:

Fully functional and with only a few minor cosmetic defects/wear that are almost invisible

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Cosmetic Grade B:

Fully functional but with more visible cosmetic defects/wear

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Cosmetic Grade C:

Fully functional but with major visible defects/wear

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Grade 0:

Not functional. Major cosmetic wear, broken latches/hinges, many dead pixels and/or not able to turn on. Cracked front/rear.

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Error code Error code explanation
AM Acid Theft Mark
AL Activation Lock
CF Cracked Front
CR Cracked Rear
DF Damaged Frame
DM Display Malfunction
DP Dead pixel(s)
OOM On/Off Button Malfunction
HM Home Button Malfunction
M Malfunction (not able to erase)
MDML Mobile Device Management Locked
MM Mute Button Malfunction
VBM Volume Button Malfunction
VBMI Volume Button Missing
BM Battery Missing
BCM Back Cover Missing
DCM Dock Connector Malfunction
STM SIM Tray Missing
SCM SIM Cover Missing
SPCMA Speaker Cover Malfunction

Updated: 24.10.2018